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Bella Lengua (translated: Beautiful Language) is an exceptional intercultural language learning experience in North County San Diego. We offer a Spanish Immersion Preschool for children ages 2-Kindergarten, Parent-Child Spanish music classes, camps, and language enrichment classes.

Our Goal

Our objective is to offer students the opportunity to experience the beauty of languages and cultures in  a fun, natural, and age-appropriate way.

Our Vision

We envision developing a future generation of leaders who value global well-being and approach their life challenges with integrity, resiliency and compassion.

Our Philosophy

Language is the window into the soul of a culture.   We believe that early exposure to diverse languages in a natural and caring setting promotes intellectual creativity, critical thinking, and establishes the development of respect, empathy, and resiliency.

Our Approach

As a Waldorf-inspired program, Bella Lengua provides a fun, nurturing, and engaging environment where children develop a love for language learning and a positive perspective towards natural and cultural diversity in their lives.  In our Spanish-Immersion preschool classes,  students acquire languages through a combination of music, play, children’s literature and poetry, art, and drama.  Our preschool music curriculum follows the rich thematic variety that is found in everyday life.  Explorations of nature, colors, the parts of the body, clothing, food, the rooms of a house, numbers, the family, climate and seasons, the days of the week, provide opportunities for children to learn new vocabulary in a meaningful context.  The end result is that students enjoy learning and that they build a linguistic and cultural repertoire that will hopefully stay with them for a lifetime. 

Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers and administrators who are committed to nurturing  a lifelong love of language and learning.  All of our teachers are fluent in two or more languages, fully-trained in education, in addition to being first aid and CPR certified.  Our long-term teaching staff is devoted to working with parents and caregivers to support the children in our diverse learning community.

Our Story

Welcome to Bella Lengua!  I am thrilled to be the Educational Director and Founder  of this innovative and diverse learning community.  At Bella Lengua, we believe in nurturing open-minded, global citizens who are not only prepared to thrive in an intercultural society, but also inspired to act.  Growing up in a bicultural family, I can attest to the benefits of bilingualism (and multilingualism).  Studies consistently have shown that participation in a dual-language program benefits students academically, cognitively, socially, and personally.  In addition to learning being able to speak two languages, research has pointed out that students learning in a bilingual environment outperform monolinguals on measures of executive function, have a head start on perspective-taking, and  show a greater understanding of their first language*.  As a multilingual learning community, Bella Lengua focuses on language and learning through exploratory play, art, music, and physical education.  I invite you to learn more about our innovative Waldorf-inspired programs!


Señora Liz

Elizabeth Alvarado, Ph.D. | Educational Director | Bella Lengua

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